From full briefs to lacy hipsters, and even g-strings at Fashion Week, Confitex have designed several different styles of performance underwear for women. Recently, we had to admit that our styles for men pale in comparison - so guys – this one is for you!

Confitex are excited to announce the launch of our limited edition men’s designer brief featuring a distinctive blue stripe. Don’t be fooled by this contemporary look, however, because there is no compromise on performance - and in fact, we’ve innovated further with this product to give you an even higher level of comfort and support.

Here are a few things you should know about this limited edition trunk-style brief:

Twin Needle Finish

Twin needle finishing doesn’t just make for a cleaner finish, it allows the stitching to move with the fabric which makes these briefs both comfortable and extra durable to suit your active lifestlye.

Closer fitting fabric

Our Blue Stripe Briefs may fit snugly against the skin and feel softer than silk, but the fabric is stronger than cotton to give you ultimate comfort without compromising on support.

Modern stripe design

Even if things don’t work like they used to, stripes never go out of style. This design also features a jacquard elastic strip to enhance the modern look of this brief.

Shorter leg

A shorter length brief can make you look taller. Looking taller can make you more attractive. Enough said.

Unrivalled function

Even though these leak-proof performance briefs look amazing, there is no compromise on function as our patented 3-layer technology sits in the middle of the anatomically shaped contour pouch to ensure you are protected and free to stay active all day long.

This limited edition release complements our existing range of short and basic mid thigh briefs, which come in grey and black. Our briefs are available to suit low to moderate absorbency needs, and come in sizes S – 3XL.

And in case you need reminding, all Confitex products are innovated for everyday convenience. Confitex underwear is machine washable driable and durable - lasting for up to 200 washes. It’s also the economical option, with the cost working out to approximately 17 cents per wear. Convenient, discreet and easy to manage, Confitex briefs can be treated just like a normal piece of underwear giving you the freedom to get on with it – and look amazing in the process!

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