Yoga. Sneezing. Running. Squats. Laughter. Trampolines.


In reference to light bladder leakage.. Do any of those words give you, or someone you know just a touch of anxiety?


Although in some cases treatable, certain individuals are just more susceptible to LBL than others. This fact can bring with it feelings of embarrassment and failure, and the thinking that we need to change our lifestyle to suit.


Here at Confitex, we are on a mission to change that perspective. We think that something as common as LBL should never hold power over the way we choose to live our lives, which is why we created our undies the way we did – stylish, comfortable and reusable, but equally as practical, helpful and reassuring.


We are under no illusion that this way of thinking is a little bit different to what you might know, and that sometimes LBL affects more than just the individual sufferer; so today, we thought we’d share a story we received about how what might seem like a simple product allowed one customer to not just gain some peace of mind for herself – but for her mum, too.


As mum got older, it wasn’t the fact that her physical strength began to decline that upset us the most; it was the fact that her confidence and self-assuredness declined alongside it.


The mum we had always known was strong, independent, and at times a little too stoic for her own good - and while we understood fundamentally that with age comes change, we were always on the lookout for ways we could build that self confidence back up to make sure her quality of life was as positive as it could possibly be.


It wasn’t just the externally visible stuff that made her feel like she was losing her identity, it was losing control over the normal functions that she once took for granted; things like sight, grip, hearing, and bladder competence.


That last one was the worst.


The less competent she felt, the less she wanted to go out and do the things she enjoyed. She no longer wanted to get her hair done, go out for coffee, see a movie or stroll around the waterfront.


I’ll never forget the day we were due to visit Dad’s grave, and she changed her mind about whether or not she wanted to leave the house for a whole afternoon, by which time it was too late to go anyway – and it was then I knew without a shadow of a doubt that her LBL was getting the better of her.


One day, a friend suggested I check out Confitex – a company who designed LBL underwear, which was reusable and fashionable – and to be honest, I thought it was too good to be true. Despite my initial skepticism, I typed in the web link, started to browse their product and thought there was absolutely no harm in trying it, seeing as nothing else had given mum any sense of reliability.


Mum was hesitant at first, but as soon as she saw that it was just like normal underwear (if not even more stylish!), she decided to give them a go.. And I’m so happy to say that since that day, we’ve never looked back!


Confitex underwear has made taking Mum out to special events and places so much more workable, and she is so comfortable in them. You’ve given her a sense of normal life again, and as a result, me, too! I thought you’d like to know the flow on impact your product and service has had, and also that this product has benefited us in so many ways beyond owning a few pairs of underwear.


If you want to give someone you love who is affected by LBL the confidence to live a normal life - click here to order today!


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