To achieve our goal of mitigating stigmas around LBL, we designed our product with embarrassment in mind. That is, we looked into what LBL experiencers are most concerned about, and worked to make sure our undies could be worn with total confidence,

We discovered that when it comes to light bladder leakage, smell is a primary concern, especially if the wearer is a bit low on the hydration front - or a bit high on the asparagus one..!



Thus, we went to work, and came up with a ground-breaking three-layer-technology for our Confitex Underwear, which is comprised of:

  • A wicking layer to draw moisture away from the skin
  • A high absorbency textile layer which can hold up to a cup of water
  • A waterproof outer layer to ward off cold and leakage

As time goes on, we’ll look into each layer in more detail, but for today it’s that first layer we’re going to be paying most attention to. To fully explain how it works to mitigate the smell of urine, we’re gonna need to know a bit more about what makes urine smell in the first place (please put on your science hat).

Urine leaves the body in a sterile state (unless the person has an infection of the urinary tract). When urine touches the skin, or sits in a wet warm environment (such as a moist pad), it begins to grow bacteria, and it’s when this bacterium grows that odor occurs.


Confitex technology


With Confitex, the inner textile layer (that first layer of three) has quick dry technology. This means it works to draw or wick moisture away from the skin, which minimizes the time that moisture is held in the underwear (before it is absorbed by the second layer). Because there is a very minimal timeframe in which urine is in direct contact with the wearers’ skin, there is hardly any time for odor-causing bacteria to grow; thus, Confitex underwear leaves you feeling dry and confident to just get on with it, without worrying about smell – hydrated or otherwise!

Do you have any particular concerns or questions when it comes to Confitex underwear? Feel free to get in touch, and we’ll do our best to address these for you!


Confitex incontinence underwear


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