Luckily, if you experience incontinence there are lots of products available that can help you manage your condition. Deciding which product best suits your needs depends on the type of incontinence you experience, and how severe the condition is. You may want to trial the different types of products to see which works best for you.



Disposable Nappies

Disposable nappies are designed for moderate to heavy incontinence needs. These can come in pull up or tab-closure options. Disposable nappies are often used for the elderly, particularly if someone is physically disabled and can struggle to make it to the bathroom on time. Nappies can be easier for changing than pads if caregiver assistance is required. Nappies can be bulky and uncomfortable, and can also have a psychological impact on the wearer if they feel like they are wearing a child’s nappy. Disposable nappies often lead to skin irritation due to the increased moisture close to the skin, particularly if they are not changed shortly after an episode. Disposable nappies can be purchased from drug stores and online, and in some supermarkets.



Disposable Pads

Disposable pads are similar to sanitary pads in shape and appearance, but are made with higher absorbency capabilities. Disposable pads are usually made from plastic and chemicals, and are available in supermarkets, drug stores, and online. Disposable pads are quite cheap in terms of per pad cost, but if you experience several episodes per day this can add up quickly over time.  Disposable pads can be uncomfortable to wear, as they can be bulky, noisy, and can give off unpleasant odors after an episode. Disposable pads often lead to skin irritation, depending how quickly they can wick moisture away from your skin.



Reusable Underwear

Incontinence Underwear

Reusable underwear is designed as an alternative to disposable products. Reusable absorbent underwear can come in different forms - including underwear that actually features a disposable pad, reusable plastic-based underwear, or reusable textile-based underwear. Reusable underwear is traditionally designed for light to moderate incontinence needs, however technology advances now allow heavier incontinence absorbency. Because the underwear is reusable it can be more expensive to purchase than disposable products, however will lead to cost savings over time as there is no need to keep purchasing.

Confitex underwear even offers a fashionable underwear option that features unique patented three-layer technology which wicks moisture away from the skin and absorbs it, but is also breathable and completely plastic free for supreme comfort. Confitex underwear is designed to be able to handle several episodes over the course of a day, without any discomfort, any odors, and with minimal skin irritation.

Reusable underwear can be purchased most easily online. Confitex products are available for purchase here.