The new Confitex website is here! Now it’s easier and faster for you to buy your favorite incontinence products, so you have more time to get out there and do what inspires you.


You can now also connect with Confitex on social media. We love to know what our customers are up to, and what they think of our underwear so get in touch with us




So what is Confitex all about?


Confitex is revolutionary incontinence underwear. Confitex offer washable, reusable, plastic free incontinence underwear. Started by two alpine ski racers who wanted to find an underwear solution for those mountain-top moments with no toilets and no privacy, Confitex realised that incontinence is a much more common issue than many may think, and set about creating unique patented three-layer textile technology which they now use in all their products. This amazing technology rapidly transfers moisture away from the body and absorbs it, but is also waterproof and breathable.


Why Confitex underwear?


Globally, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men experience incontinence at some point in their lives. And it’s not just the elderly – woman often experience incontinence after having kids or during menopause – it is normal. People deserve an underwear solution that makes them feel good and gives them freedom. Confitex have made beautiful underwear that looks just like your normal underwear, but can absorb up to 140 mls in one go.

So if you’re looking for absorbent, odor-free, reusable, beautiful and discrete knickers shop Confitex.


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