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New Zealand-based underwear brand Confitex makes "fashionable absorbent underwear for men and women," and its incontinence lingerie debuted at New Zealand Fashion Week on Thursday with a runway show of historical magnitude. 


"This is the first time, anywhere worldwide, that incontinence underwear has graced a catwalk as a designer range," boasted the brand in a press release. 


Models walked the runway wearing lacy numbers that looked like any other lingerie, except for the fact that they can absorb much more moisture than the average pair of briefs. The brand showed its Hi-Life Collection, which features "30 looks ranging from day-time wear, to softer evening lingerie, to the first G-string designed for light incontinence." 


Incontinence affects half the female population in the U.S., according to one recent study, so it makes sense that there would be a need for a brand like Confitex on the market. Instead of incorporating pads or diapers into its products, the brand uses a fabric that wicks away moisture. Underwear bottoms currently on sale (at $34.90 each) come in various levels of absorbency, from light (or a teaspoon's worth of liquid at one time, five teaspoons throughout the day) to moderate (or about a half cup at once).


"We've developed these products for people who love style and design and who want the clothes they're wearing to express who they are," co-founder Mark Davey said in the release. "People who happen to have incontinence should be able to enjoy their lifestyle, freedom and independence. Our goal is to give those that want it the means to get out there, do what they want to do and see who they want to see."



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