Are they going a wee bit far? Now models hit the runway wearing INCONTINENCE LINGERIE ‘designed to help men and women manage light to moderate leaks in style’


  • Incontinence lingerie brand ConfiTEX was showcased at NZ Fashion Week
  • It was the first time incontinence lingerie has ever been on a catwalk 
  • Both male and female models stormed the runway in the garments 
  • They are comfortable pieces made to look like ordinary lingerie sets 
  • The crowd was shocked and amazed at the daring show
  • New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 will conclude on August 30  


Day four of New Zealand Fashion Week has concluded with something a wee bit different to what many keen fashion fanatics were likely expecting when they flocked to the shows


In a world first, ConfiTEX high-end lingerie for incontinence was showcased on Thursday with the models cruising down the runway in both lacy and masculine garments designed to look just like other pieces of underwear.


‘It feels a lot more normal than putting on a pad or a nappy – which feels like going back to three or four years old,’ CEO Mark Davey told Daily Mail Australia.


Donning brightly-coloured make up, bold accessories and heels, the models rocked the undergarments in style as curious fashion lovers looked on.


Paired with flowing shawls and intricate up-dos, the delicate pieces were the perfect balance of racy and feminine and appeared to be comfortable and adaptable for a range of shapes and cup sizes.


The idea behind the unique absorbent undergarments was coined by ConfiTEX CEO Mark Davey and designer Frantisek Riha-Scott after they met professional alpine ski racers and became familiar with the distress they experienced when nature calls.


‘There is a lot of specialised clothing in relation to sport, but one of the things that has never been tackled is underwear,’ Mr Davey told Daily Mail Australia.


The duo began to develop specific garments for athletes and soon saw there could be an even larger market for their unique products.


‘What we quickly realised was the huge taboo… almost epidemic, in relation to those who experience incontinence,’ Mr Davey said.


‘We created lingerie prototypes for family and friends and soon noticed that what we developed was pretty brand new technology.’


‘It’s the first incontinence lingerie to ever be on a catwalk anywhere in the world.’


The design of the garment means that it can hold up to a few hundred millilitres of liquid throughout the course of a day and is washed the same way as normal underwear.


The underwear compromise three separate layers that remove moisture from the skin, absorb and provide waterproofing.


The runway show showcased all the incontinence lingerie had to offer and the crowd provided a ‘combination of shock and amazement.’


‘They didn’t know what to expect,’ Mr Davey said. ‘Incontinence conjures up such negative terms.’


‘But, people should not have to wear something that restricts their life.’


Designed to help women (and men) manage light to moderate leaks in ‘style’, the waterproof underwear was both subtle and modern on the runway.


‘Our underwear is beautiful, environmentally responsible and made for people with a love of life and adventure,’ co-founder Frantisek Riha-Scott said.


New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 concludes on the 30th of August.


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