• New ‘sexy’ range of incontinence knickers from NZ company Confitex
  • The incontinence undies will be available to men and women for purchase
  • The company also designs sports pants for athletes who are short on toilet time
  • Currently 4.8 million Australians suffer from bladder leakage or bowel problems

Much like Bridget Jones’ iconic underpants, incontinence and its fellow preventative pants have never been considered a sexy garment.


Until now.


In a world first, New Zealand company Confitex has released a ‘sexy’ incontinence knicker range for Australian women this week.


World first: New Zealand company Confitex has released a ‘sexy’ incontinence knicker range


Currently 4.8 million Australians suffer from bladder or bowel problems, according to the Continence Foundation of Australia – so it can be said the line is a timely addition to the lingerie scene.

The underwear features performance fabric that soaks up leakage, a revolutionary design that will save women from wearing it’s less attractive panty liner and plastic ‘nappy’ pants predecessors.


Frantisek Riha-Scott, director and fashion designer of the line said he was inspired to design the product after realising the vast gap in the market for fashionable, incontinence underwear.


‘We wanted to create a new underwear product that was sexy as well as functional,’ Riha-Scott told Daily Mail Australia.


‘We saw a brilliant opportunity to create something that would genuinely help people. We had a 90-year-old woman among the testers for our underwear and she said she wanted to feel sexy. She asked if we had a G-string!


‘We also wanted to restore people’s confidence,’ he added. ‘We wanted people who are incontinent to have the same shopping experience as everyone else, so they could still buy lingerie or Marks & Spencer’s type underwear.


Our main goal was to give people a sense of freedom; to make them feel good even if they are experiencing incontinence. Some of our underwear isn’t sexy cute, it’s plain, but that’s because we wanted to have something for everyone.’


The brand, which initially started as a solution for sportspeople short on toilet break time, has seen a surge in interest following the release of the new range.


‘We are getting so many inquiries, and people have been saying how fantastic the idea is,’ Riha-Scott said.


‘This has been reflected in the interest we are getting from distributors and in the number of repeat sales we are getting – one person even bought 12 pairs.


‘There was one guy who called us and was very weepy. He told us how he had been creeping out at night to put out his disposable pads in the rubbish bin. Now he uses our underwear and says it has changed his life. He feels like a normal person again.’


Confidence: One male customer with bladder problems said the products had changed his life


The line currently offers a range of cuts including full brief, hipster and boy leg and stocks size small through to XXL to accommodate women’s personal preferences.


Women can also choose between ‘light’ or ‘moderate’ absorbency protection which will ‘cover those coughs, sneezes and big laughs that lead to little leaks,’ according to the Confitex website.


The brand has plans for yet more new designs too. ‘We are introducing another colour for women – red – and another men’s style, a shorter boxer style,’ he said. ‘We plan to introduce some prints and a camisole-style bra soon.


The underwear is now available online for both women and men to purchase.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3058639/From-black-lacy-hipster-cut-New-Zealand-company-unveils-new-line-SEXY-incontinence-underwear-customers-asking-G-string-style.html#ixzz3ZJuvKV1Y

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