Tiffany Korssen, Herald Sun, Australia, April 28/2015


THE words sexy and incontinent don’t go hand in hand.


But today the world’s first “sexy” incontinence undies have been released in Australia.


And millions of Aussies could benefit.


More than 4.8 million people experience bladder or bowel weakness in Australia according to the Continence Foundation.


Until now they have been forced to wear uncomfortable plastic-based undies that look and feel more like a baby’s nappy than lingerie.


The new designs by Kiwi company Confitex come in all different colours and have elegant lace patterns.


Director and fashion designer Frantisek Riha-Scott said he made the product after he realised the incontinence market was bursting for a revolution.


“We first started with specialist sports underwear for elite athletes to keep them dry and clean when they were doing long distance events and didn’t have time to have a toilet break,” Mr Riha-Scott said.


“But incontinence undies have such horrendous designs; I thought I could help… Even women with bladder problems deserve to look sexy and fashionable and being able to look great can really restore people’s confidence,” he said.


The revolutionary design has no pad and no plastic and is made from a special material that absorbs liquid.


Knickers are available for men and women and are now selling online.