Talking about LBL and/or incontinence can feel a little bit taboo. I mean, who wants to have an open conversation about the issues we have when it comes to the plumbing down there? As is often the case when it comes to taboo subjects, the topic of LBL has it’s own set of myths attached to it; myths that are only perpetuated when the subject is under constant shush.


While we understand better than most that LBL is an intensely personal issue, it’s also one that is far more common than people realize – and therefore, through this journey, we want to challenge the stigma surrounding LBL in the hopes that you’ll feel less isolated in your experience, and more excited to just get on with life.


We’ve talked about some of the reasons we experience LBL/incontinence, but today - we want to bust a few tired-old myths surrounding the matter - once and for all.


Myth ONE – urinary incontinence is an inevitable part of aging


Aging process


Although the risk factor for experiencing LBL increases as we age, it’s not 100% guaranteed. As we continue to ripen, there are ways to ensure that the muscles responsible for controlling our bladder stay as strong and healthy as possible, therefore mitigating the likelihood that we’ll encounter bladder control issues later in life. Kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which assist in controlling our urinary system. Using a bit of poetic license as the old saying goes ‘Don’t take LBL lying down – unless you’re doing kegel exercises’!


Myth TWO – drinking less fluid will improve urinary incontinence


drinking less fluids


It’s no lie that certain fluids increase the risk of light bladder leakage, including carbonated drinks, caffeine and alcohol (bummer..!); however, somewhat contrarily, reducing your intake of water to counter the effects of LBL can have the opposite desired effect. A healthy body needs a constant supply of water to remain hydrated and keep everything ticking along as it should. If we deprive ourselves of water, we run the risk of holding onto unnecessary toxins which can damage our liver and kidneys plus increase the possibility of a bladder infection – so keep up that H2O intake, and flush out the bad stuff, please!


Myth THREE – the best option to manage LBL is to change one’s lifestyle accordingly


Here at Confitex – we absolutely despise this notion. We don’t believe that something as common as LBL should slow you down, or make you feel like you need to stop living life on your own terms. While experiencing LBL can throw you off a bit, it should never serve to hold you back or make you feel embarrassed. And that’s why we made Confitex undies the way we did – quality, long lasting and all sorts of stylish – just like you!


So, there you have it – three common incontinence myths BUSTED. While you’re in the zone, why not take five, do a few kegels, down a bottle of water and nab yourself a pair of Confitex? We hope you’re positively busting to experience life without limits – positively being the operative word!