Summer is coming, and this means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, go on holiday, and laugh with friends. But if you experience incontinence holidays can come with their own set of daunting challenges.


Making sure you are prepared before your holiday can make a huge difference.


Here is our handy list of tips to keep your bladder in control.


Before you go:


  • Use the plane or the car as an opportunity to practice your kegels: don’t waste all that time sitting down – get your pelvic floor muscles into shape!
  • Download a bathroom locator application onto your phone. There are plenty of these handy apps available in the app store
  • Wear your Confitex underwear, and make sure you’ve got several extra pairs in your suitcase: Making sure you have enough to keep you going for several days is important, especially if you’re not sure what your washing facilities are going to be like! Always make sure you’ve got a couple of extra pairs in your carry on as well if you are flying somewhere
  • Bring extra pads: if you do use disposable pads make sure you have plenty with you, in case you can’t find somewhere to buy them when you’re on vacation.
  • Book the aisle seat: If you are flying somewhere try to make sure you book the aisle seat. Pre-booking a seat may come a nominal fee, but paying this can be worth it for your comfort and security. If you’re driving, make sure your fellow passengers know that when you ask to stop for a toilet break that complaining is not allowed!
  • Sometimes taking incontinence medications can be a great option if you want to enjoy a stress free holiday, even if you don’t normally take any. You should aim to start your medication about a week before you leave for vacation


While you’re travelling:


  • Watch what you eat: spicy foods and acidic foods can irritate your bladder – so go for the mild curry, and avoid citrus fruits
  • Keep hydrated with fluid filled foods: foods like watermelon, cucumbers, and radishes are packed with water so they help you to keep hydrated while giving your bladder a rest
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol: both of these are diuretics, so they can contribute to incontinence
  • Carry a few plastic bags in your backpack: these can hold any wet clothes if you do have an accident, and can also hold used pads if you can’t find a place to dispose of them


You deserve a fun-filled vacation where you can do what you want and not be limited by your bladder. Confitex underwear gives you the power to live life to the fullest: don’t hold back.

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